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  1. Mar 2016, {ctrl+z} My Interview :: Here’s what is should have said (LinkedIn post); I have tried to re-capture the essence of an ISMS implementation through a-should-have-been version of an interview response that I gave long time ago. <br/>
  2. Mar 2015, ModSecurity – Manager’s Dilemma (un-edited version, published in march issue of OSFY); This article tries to explain why deploying WAF in general, and modsecurity in particular, makes sense for a manager. <br/>
  3. June 2014, Process Myths – busted (published as a post on LinkedIn); This post lists some of the customer impressions related to processes that i could gather and my response to those myths. <br/>
  4. Sep 2013, Importance of Maturity Models in ISMS (published in October issue of ClubHack magazine); This article discusses the importance of process and maturity models and their requirement for ISMS (Information Security Management System). <br/>
  5. Sep 2013, Why is host integrity monitoring important (published in October issue of OSFY); This article discussed the role of file integrity monitoring system in the present compliance and regulation landscape. <br/>
  6. Aug 2013, DSCI Security Framework for ISO 27001 Implementers (published in September issue of ClubHack magazine); This article discusses the DSCI Security Framework and its relevance for ISO 27001 implementers. <br/>

Credit: Anton Chuvakin for inspiring the format <br/>